R IV: A True Hip Hop Album With A Taste You Can’t Get Rid Off


R IV: A True Hip Hop Album With A Taste You Can’t Get Rid Of

Classic Jazz and classic hip hop sound is the first sound that hits when you listen to Rodes self titled album which is a breath of fresh hip hop air that is totally needed in a time when every song sounds the same. R IV is Rodes in his element in his 5th album release and this sound just draws into the album proper as the melodious Kings track featuring Blacc Suhn, Kadiz and Knowshun picks things up and talks about a more difficult subject that a lot of creatives shy from because it is not cool enough. 

The best on all the tracks on R IV are simple and soothing in a way that doesn’t take away the vibe out of the lyrics. This is quite great so you are not worried about the beat being the main or interesting part of each song. If you know hip hop, you know the beats doesn’t overshadow the song and Rodes stays true to this gospel especially on the song Pastor. 

The Edge is without a doubt one of the hardest songs in the album and yet again, you can pick Rode’s words with lyrics that are refreshing when you consider the fact that mumble is the new cool. Nevamind gives The Edge a run for its money before Playa Talk with BC gives you that LOX feel and you would be forgiven if you thought the song has Styles P and Jadakiss on it.

 Rodes, the album named track is laced on a Kanye type beat with lyrics to match and do I love it how Rodes goes hard on mumble rap folks on "Acknowledge da God"? You bet I do and Fashawn who is featured on the track he also brings it like he has some scores to settle.. 

“They” know eases the sound a beat and it’s classic driving song with your shorty by your side and then Facts speaks the truth that everyone should adhere to and this shows what music should be about; A message!! 

10 piece Spicy takes us away and also touches on police brutality in a way that is so triggering and he paints a picture that we can’t deny is the reality of a black man not just in the United States but all over the world. 

Rodes is one act that is sticking to his truth in ways that other acts don’t and the album R IV is a testament to the fact that true hip hop will never die! (3.5-5)-Estrada



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