S1:E18 One Stop Shop

The episode is titled "One Stop Shop" because it's about ownership. My self titled album Rodes  drops today and it's available on all streaming platforms via the links(Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify an YouTube) on www.rodesonline.net Today on "Rodes Live" we will play Rodes in its entirety. Also, I have Physical Merchandise(VYNIL, CDS, and  Flash Drives) in the store section as well as clothing(Champion Windbreakers, T-Shirts, Huntside Bucket Hats and T-Shirts). The album can be downloaded directly from www.rodesonline.net as wells: Everything is also available here https://Linktr.ee/Rodes Please make sure you tell a friend you don't wanna miss this episode. "THE NEW ALBUM RODES IN STORES NOW"!!!!!


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