S1:E21 Done

   Episode 21 is the Finale of Season 1 of the Rodes Live Podcast. Rodes has the most downloaded songs and some of his favorites as the "What's Poppin" artist of the day. Bank Flow Family, GTK Records, Crux, Young K Money as well as songstress Meechi Meechi. Rodes also acknowledges everyone that came through the show that he interviewed. Rodes talks about the Black Podcast Conglomerate and gives a preview of what you can expect from the show for season two. I would like to thank all of the guest from Season 1( Desmond, B. Cole, Deebo Mack, Erika Gilchrist, D Ice, T Law, Skagnetti, Lenora and Chef Ashley). I would like to thank every artist that contributed music as well. The podcast is available on www.rodesonline.net as well. My album is available on all streaming platforms. You can get hard copies as well as merchandise at www.rodesonline.net/store Please continue to support the Podcast and lets make season to great!!!!


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