S1:E8 Love & Hate

This week on "Rodes Live" were focusing on the positives to sustaining a healthy relationship.  Also, I will be focusing on the no dice deal breakers in relationships as well. I did extensive research and asked people their yay and…

S1:E7 Hands Around The Hunneds

  This Episode of Rodes Live features music from Holla G Dotta and The Supects. Rodes sits down with community activist Antione D-ICE Dobbines. We discuss problems and solutions regarding the community and saving the youth. Ron Da Spitta is the…

S1:E6 The Unstoppable Woman

The Unstoppable Woman Episode  of Rodes Live will feature music from TKG, Its Jazz and Mizz-Yayo. This weeks "What's Poppin" artist of the day is MeechixMeechi. Rodes will sit down with Award -Winning Speaker & Author Erika Gilchrist. Rodes and…

S1:E5 Who's The Mack

The fifth episode of Rodes Live Is entitled “Who‘s The Mack”. Rodes chops it up with Lansing, MI Finest DeeboMac as they talk industry evolution and politics. Rodes plays music from rap artist Hardbody(Alabama Birmingham) who's  hot new single and…

Season 1 Episode 2 Behind The Scenes

This Episode features music from the “What’s Poppin” artist of the day Young KMoney. Fashion designer Desmond comes through to chop it up about his Hustlers Chronicles clothing line and limited edition shoe deal. Also music from Dog Mob recording…

Unofficial Tracklist



1. Fresh (The Wild Fowl Yote).

2. King’s featuring @BlaccSuhn @Kadiz @Knowshun (Skag).

3. Low (Ben Malick).

4. Pastor (Chips).

5. FOH (Iam Genius boy)

6. Acknowledge Da God featuring @Fashawn (Chips).

7. Ladybug (DaCypha Beats).

8. The Edge

Sold Out!!!

    The Huntside is out of print!!! The last official copy was purchased by Midwest records.       Michael has been a supporter of all my music. I sent him a Free download of Henny Hunt. When the CDs are ready he will …

Nevermind Review


Many years back, the world of Hip hop gave birth to this vocal delivery of rhythm and rhymes called rap. And now it's gone on for many years producing top lyricists who can get you high on their…