Focus or Fold "In Stores Now"

"Focus or Fold "In Stores Now"!!!!!!!
Album available on Itunes, Amazon and Google Play.
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Henny Hunt Ep Download Link

The Henny Hunt Ep is available for download here sorry to get back to you so late regarding the Ep but it is doing excellent. If you would like a hard copy please contact me at

The Making and creation of the Henny Hunt Ep Tracklist

               I decided to take it back to the essence of Hip-Hop and work with one producer (Da Cypha Beats). I created this conceptual Ep to define my moniker of Henny Hunt. I'm releasing the Ep to hold the fans over…

Henny Hunt Ep Tracklist!!!!!!

I took it back to the essence of Hip-Hop with this one. I used 1 producer to express a complete thought and concept. Da Cypha beats is holding down the production. This 8 track Henny Hunt Ep will hold you…

Sunflower Seeds Charting

Oct 29 Rodes Sunflower Seeds charted #43 on top 50 independents. Charted #20 on top 50 hip-hop and R&B. 1st week.

The Rap Factory Show

The show at the Rap Factory was a blast, i like to thank everyone who came out.

Coyote Files Mixape Volume 1.

Coyote Files Mixtape drops December 1st but will be available at shows. If you want a copy email me @