Henny Hunt Ep Tracklist!!!!!!

I took it back to the essence of Hip-Hop with this one. I used 1 producer to express a complete thought and concept. Da Cypha beats is holding down the production. This 8 track Henny Hunt Ep will hold you down for the summer. Focus or Fold is complete and will be released this fall. I have features from Jah Wil and Knowshun Freewill, Karizmatik and Chane this is my crew and Junebug Abeyta. We here he's here.
Henny Hunt
3.Bars featuring Knowshun*Karizmatik*Chane
4.Henny Hunt
5.Biege Fluid
6.Loose Squares
7.Blazin featuring Jah Wil
It will be a digital release get at me for hard copys. Stay tuned!!!

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