Episode-113 "Math Ain't Mathing: Get Paid as an Indie Artist" 

Struggling indie artist and math skeptic, (protagonist) takes the challenge to turn their streams into dollars (inciting action) through savvy marketing and multiple revenue streams (goal) in a quest to make the money they deserve (central conflict).
I learned about making money as an indie artist from today's episode. As an artist, we must pay for tracks, studio time, and marketing, and even invest in paid performances. However, it is best to get paid from publishing royalties. Therefore, it is important to register with Ascap, Song Trust, and Sound Exchange for digital distribution, and to have a solid promotional plan. It is also important to utilize one's network and streams to find out where one's audience is in order to perform and create awareness. Through hustle, one can make money from mechanical royalties, streaming royalties, sales, and downloads. Additionally, one can make money from paid performances, digital streaming, digital downloads, and merchandise. Lastly, utilizing one's network
"Don't depend solely on the distributor. Don't depend solely on streaming. You just put everything together and get that money from multiple revenue streams. Get to the bag - the possibilities are unlimited once you have everything set in place."
In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How can indie artists make money off their music?
2. How can streaming clicks be turned into dollars?
3. What are the X factors in generating revenue as an indie artist?
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