Episode-109 Fiddy 

After 50 years of celebrating hip hop, an MC takes the challenge to create his own list of the top labels, female MCs, groups, albums and MCs, but discovers the true challenge is narrowing them down to his own personal favorite.
Learn about the Top 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums & MCs of All Time from a discussion about celebrating 50 years of hip hop. It included the top labels, female MCs, groups, hip hop albums, and MCs, and the top 10 greatest MCs of all time. My favorite label was independent Huntside Music, and my favorite female MC was Jean Gray. For the greatest rap groups, honorable mentions included The Ghetto Boys, The Roots, and Cypress Hill, with the Wu-Tang Clan being the number one greatest rap group of all time. Finally, the top 10 hip hop albums included The Chronic and Illmatic, and the top 10 greatest MCs of all time included Nas, Rakim, Jay-Z

"I believe in me. So now let's get into the top ten. We got at number ten, the label that produced the Lox, DMX, Eve, Dragon, Ruff Riders."

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop: Uncover the top labels, female MCs, groups, albums, and MCs that made the list.
2. Discover the Greatest Rap Groups of All Time: From the Fugees to Wu Tang Clan, explore the top ten greatest rap groups of all time.
3. Uncover the Greatest Hip Hop Albums: From Ready to Die to The Realness, explore the top ten greatest hip hop albums of all time.

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